Daniel Pope

@lordmauve mauveweb.co.uk Mauve Internet

Daniel is a Python devops / webdev contractor. He does web development, distributed systems, and operations at scale. He founded the Reading Python Dojo and has since joined the London Python Dojo organisers team. He is currently contracting for Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Canary Wharf, London.

Daniel is a hobbyist games programmer, and participate regularly in the Pyweek contest. In May 2012, he won the solo category of Pyweek with his game "Doctor Korovic's Flying Atomic Squid".

He blogs about Python programming at http://mauveweb.co.uk/

Interested in android, automation, bdd, continuous-integration, django, fabric, finance, game-development, gevent, graphics, html, italian-food, lettuce, linux, mercurial, nosql, postgresql, project-management, python-dojos, scm, sphinx, vim, web