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Red Hat Loves Python  Thursday, 14:30hB07/B08

2014-07-15 17:00

The best API is no APIThursday, 15:00hB09  2014-07-16 15:00
Session: packaging and testing with devpi and tox  Thursday, 15:00hB092014-07-16 15:00
Sponsored talkTuesday, 14:00hB07/B08  2014-07-19 9:00
Reading and writing data with Python  Tuesday, 14:00B07/B082014-07-19 9:00
Sponsored talkThursday, 14:00hB07/B08  2014-07-19 9:00
Reading and writing data with PythonTuesday, 14:00B07/B08  2014-07-21 7:30
Solution oriented error handling  Tuesday, 14:00B07/B082014-07-21 7:30
Tweaking libraries as a step towards secure programmingWednesday, 10:00B05/B06  2014-07-21 7:30
Generators, or how to step to infinity and beyondFriday, 10:00B05/B06  2014-07-21 16:30
SQLAlchemy Drill  Wednesday, 10:00B05/B062014-07-21 16:30
Einsteigertutorium PythonThursday, 10:00A03/A04  2014-07-23 15:30
ZeroMQ  Thursday, 10:00A03/A042014-07-23 15:30

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