Supplementary events

TaeKwonDo-Coder-Dojo: unleashing High-Performance-Teams

On three days of EuroPython, martial arts master Thomas Fabula is going to conduct exercises outside the conference building. The workshop combines practical and mental exercises to relax your body and activate your brain capabilities at the same time. We focus on coders and managers, who are most of their time physically inactive. Therefore we will use “easy-to-learn” Taekwondo techniques to become more sportive. 

Tae-Kwon-Do is an ancient martial art system from Korea and has a long history up to now. Today Taekwondo is a modern Olympic competitive contact sport and is practiced worldwide in a “Dojang”. A recent scientific study from 2013 by van Dijk et al. (1) “… suggests, that training improves various aspects of cognitive function in people, including reaction and motor time, information processing speed, working and executive semantic memory. Age-adapted Taekwondo training improves various aspects of cognitive function also for Taekwondo Novices over 40. The practice does not require exhaustive training intensity to achieve results.”

We practice basic techniques and also some advanced coordinative combinations. Alone and with various partners we learn to control our body and mind in self-defense and free-form sparring. Furthermore, you will learn, how to increase your performance by dynamic moves and motivate you to unleash your individual potential to become an active member of a “High-Performance-Team”. 

The exercise will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday twice daily at 12:30-13:00 and 15:30-16:00 in the outside area of the BCC. Bring casual wear, sports or no shoes. Take note that only a limited number of people fits into the outside area. 

Speed Networking on the Spree River

After four days of EuroPython you may find that you haven't talked even close to everyone yet. The speed networking on board the boat MS Stralau is your opportunity to make many new contacts. You will embark near the BCC and take a two-hour cruise towards the Rummelsburg Bay. During the trip, Wolfgang Schnerring & Kristian Rother will moderate a speed networking session. Pitch your project, start good conversations, make new friends! Drinks will be available for purchase on board.

The networking tour will start on Thursday, July 24th, 14:30 and last until 17:00. We will depart from the Infodesk at the BCC. Seats are limited to 50. Please register at the info desk early on for the trip.

Hackathon on a Boat

On Thursday 24th, we invite you onboard the ship MS Stralau for our hackathon "PyEdition". Hundreds of Python projects haven't been ported from 2.x to 3.x yet. Interesting projects are not advancing because of tiny missing features, that no one has tackled. We will cruise with you for three hours around Berlin and supply you with enough electricity, drinks, snacks and of course mobile Internet. We'd love you to pick a small project you can complete and commit onboard.

In case you want to inspire yourself to which project to devote your hack we will provide inspirational cards. You can decide on the content of those cards - please submit suggestions to Heiko Weinen ( Make sure your submissions are suitable, i.e. Python projects that are easy to fix in two to three hours. The more people benefit from your submission, the better!

The inspirational cards will be split up in four categories:
* 2to3-fixing
* bugfixing
* feature requests for popular software
* HFOS, the open source Hackerfleet system for ships. It manages various kinds of data, sensors, interfaces and APIs on and around ships and yachts.

The "Hackathon on a boat" tour will start on Thursday, July 24th, 16:30 and last until 21:00. We will depart from the Infodesk at the BCC. Seats are limited to 50. Please register at the info desk early on for the trip.

Organized by Hackerfleet, powered by EuroPython 2014.

Street Art Festival on Alexanderplatz

EuroPython is going to have its own circus! Outside the EuroPython building on Alexanderplatz, a International Street Theater Festival is going to take place. On 'Berlin Lacht' (Berlin is Laughing, you will see acrobatics, clowns, miracles, fire and magic. 

The festival will start on Thursday, 24th and last each day from 11 a.m. until midnight. Enjoy!