SIM Cards

Options for buying SIM pre-praid SIM cards in Berlin (around Alexanderplatz, near the conference venue). It may be necessary to show your ID due to German regulations.


O2 offers the "O2 Loop Smart" pre-paid rate for 9,99 EUR) which includes 100 minutes phone calls within the german O2 network (0,09 EUR for all other German phone networks), flat rate for SMS and data (200 MB included). You can update the data traffic to 500 MB (14,99 EUR), 1 GB (19,99 EUR) or 3 GB (29,99). For data traffic only you can go for the "O2 Go Prepaid" rate with a either 3,50 EUR "Tages-Flat" per day for 1 GB or the 15,00 EUR "Monats-Flat-M" for 15,00 EUR with 1 GB included.

  • o2 Shop, Alexanderplatz 8, 10178 Berlin
  • o2 Partner Shop Berlin, Dirksenstr. 2, 10178 Berlin


T-Mobile offers the "Xtra Triple" rate for 9,95 EUR a month with free phone calls within the German T-Mobile network and 200 MB of free traffic. You can upgrade this rate with the following packs: "Xtra Handy DayFlat" for 0,99 EUR/day with 25MB or "Xtra Flat-Daten" 4,95 EUR/month with 50 MB or "Xtra Handy Flat" for 9,95 EUR/month with 200 MB. For data only you should check the "Xtra Data Flat M" with 500 MB traffic/month for 9,95 EUR.

  • Telekom Shop Berlin, Alte Schönhauser Straße 31, 10119 Berlin


  • Vodafone Shop D2 am Alexanderplatz, Dircksenstraße 2, 10179 Berlin

​Discounter selling pre-paid SIM cards

  • dm-drogerie Markt, Alexanderplatz 1, 10178 Berlin
  • E Reichelt (inside the basement of the Alexa shopping center, opposite of the bcc), Grunerstraße 20, 10179 Berlin