How to get to Berlin

Flights to and from Berlin

Around 2.600 weekly take-offs from Berlin to 160 destinations in 130 European and 22 non-European destinations. See Berlin Brandenburg Airports  portal (English).

The Deutsche Bahn event ticket

The Deutsche Bahn event ticket is a special ticket offered by the Deutsche Bahn AG (German Railways) to allow visitors to reach the event on a cheaper price. It provides trips on all Deutsche Bahn trains nationwide for a fixed price. That may lower your travel costs and enhances budget planning.

There are four different ticket options:

  1. Second-class with train binding 99 Euro
  2. Second-class without train binding (flexible) 139 Euro
  3. First-class with train binding 159 Euro
  4. First-class without train binding (flexible) 199 Euro

Travel period: 19.07.2014 - 29.07.2014

Booking period: For tickets with train binding up to three days before travel the latest.

The booking is possible on the Internet:

or via phone: +49 (0)1806 / 311153 * (0,20 €/call from German landline, max. 0,60€/from German cell phones). The keyword is "Europython" or "CCC".

Conditions: The tickets are valid for every DB train station to Berlin and back. Refund until the first travel day to the regular DB conditions. The number of train dependent tickets is limited. Train independent tickets are unlimited. Seat reservations are not included but can be purchased additionally. No other discounts are applicable (Bahncard 25/50, Sparpreis, etc.).

Berlin has a low emission zone

The inner city of Berlin is a designated low emission zone which covers the entire city area within the S-Bahn ring. Vehicles entering the low emission zone have to meet set pollutant levels and display a low emission sticker which is available from the TÜV, the DEKRA and around 800 authorised Berlin garages. See detailed information  (English).

Berlin WelcomeCard

The Berlin WelcomeCard (English) – a lot of Berlin for your money:

  • free public transportation around the clock
  • 200 discounts
  • City map and guide
  • Restaurant guide
  • Family-friendly offers
  • Available incl. Potsdam and Museum Island

Useful information

Conditions of entry

  • No compulsory vaccinations
  • Recommended vaccinations:
    • Tetanus
    • Diphtheria
  • Currency: details at
  • No visa for nationals of other EU member states
  • Visa required, in principle, for nationals of non-EU member states
  • No compulsory currency exchange

VAT reimbursement

Value added Tax is currently 19% in Germany. Travelers who live outside the European Union can obtain a refund on value added tax for goods bought in Germany.