Sponsor FAQ

Sponsor tickets

How can we register our sponsor tickets, that are included in our sponsoring package? And how to get these tickets?

You will get a direct email with a voucher code, one code per ticket until June, 20th. Please hand the codes over to your attendees and advise them

  1. to register at europython.eu and then
  2. to purchase a free sponsor ticket by using the voucher code until June, 27th.

Sponsor tickets will be send to you via postal mail ~2 weeks before the conference starts.


What's the difference between "booth" and "table"?

A booth is a stand with dividing partitions: max. 6qm, customisation is possible, e.g. special furniture, carpet, partition arrangement

A table is an info-point: 2–3qm, high table, rear panel for posters etc., no customisation available

Where will the booths be positioned?

Normal booths and tables will be positioned in the basement among the other exhibitors near the training rooms, near the lounge and track 5

Prominent booths will be positioned in the foyer on the ground floor next to the main catering zone and near track 2, 3 and 4.

What are the opening hours of the exhibition?

The exhibition lasts from Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm. Please ensure that prominent booths will be staffed during the opening hours. Normal booths and tables need to be staffed at least from Tue to Thu during the official breaks.

When can we set up and tear down our booth?

Time for set up the booths will be Sun, Jul 20th 2pm-8pm or Mon, Jul 21st 8am-10am. Tear down the booths will be possible on Fri, Jul 25th 4pm-8pm.

We have a lot of stuff for our booth. Where can we deliver it?

Packages up to 50kg can be delivered to

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
SC-VSS / Carina Haupt 
EuroPython 2014 / exhibition
Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 2 
10178 Berlin

Ensure that your package is clearly labeled with "exhibition". Please give us a hint via sponsoring@europython.eu ​ about your shipment to check back if it has arrived. 

If you plan to ship bulky goods please ask us upfront about destination and details: sponsoring@europython.eu

If we should handle the return shipping of your stuff do the following:

  1. Please leave it (or hand over to us) packed and ready for shipping, when you leave your booth on Friday.
  2. Use return labels and glue them them on your boxes. These need to be a prepaid labels from one of the bigger logistic companies such DHL or UPS.
  3. If you ship via courier service, please arrange a pick-up of the packages on Mon, July 28 (or later) from the original delivery address above (DLR).

What are possible options for individualising the booth and to order additional services?

A simple booth construction (white exhibition dividers, octanorm system) and basic furniture (table, chair(s), power sockets and small wall mounted spotlights) are provided by us and included in your sponorship package if you have booked a booth or a preeminent booth. For further equipment and/or individualisation of your booth we work together with our parter bcc - you can order directly. For details please have a look into their catalog .


How can I get my "Recruiting ad on website and job-board" as mentioned in my sponsoring package?

For your recruiting ad on our website please send the following information to sponsoring@europython.eu :

  • title
  • description (up to 100 words)
  • an url link e.g. to the recruiting ad on your own website.

For your recruiting ad on the on site job-board please prepare a DIN A4 sheet. You can bring it along and pin it on the board yourself or send it as PDF via email upfront and we will take care that it will be printed and pinned on the job-board.

What should I prepare for the "Recruiting session"?

The recruiting session will be in the auditorium in room C01. It will start with a short introduction of about 2-3min per recruiting sponsor. Please prepare a short presentation with 1 or 2 slides or present without slides. It is fine if you only say "Hello, we're ... please visit us at our desk …". If you want to use slides, please send them as PDF via email until Monday at 10:00 to sponsoring@europython.eu .

Afterwards, at the actually recruiting session, you will get a table in a bigger lecture room (B05-B08). You will share the room with all other recruiting sponsors. Attendees can talk to you, get information about your business and your job offers, exchange contacts and so on. The poster session will be in the same room in parallel with the recruiting session. This attracts more attendees.


Can the bag insert be something other than a flyer?

Only a flyer is planned as the bag insert for the Silver and Gold sponsors. This is to be delivered by the sponsor and will be packed by the EuroPython organizers. For Platinum sponsors and above, a bag-insert of the sponsor's choice is possible: a brochure up to size DIN A 4, pens, etc.

How many items for the bag insert should be prepared and where should they delivered to?

Please deliver at minimum 1200 flyer or other bag inserts (only Platinum+ sponsors) until July, 16th to

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
SC-VSS / Carina Haupt 
EuroPython 2014 / bag insert
Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 2 
10178 Berlin

Ensure that your package is clearly labeled with "bag insert". Please give us a hint via sponsoring@europython.eu  about your shipment to check back if it has arrived.