Ticket Sale

  • The EuroPython ticket phase starts on 05/02/2014 with the Early Bird ticket sale. There is a limited contingent of 300 Early Bird tickets.  

  • The standard ticket sale starts after all Early Bird tickets are sold and ends on 22/06/2014 or when we are sold out.

  • OnDesk prices apply to purchases starting 23/06/2014 or to atteendes visiting the conference only for a day (daily passes).

Ticket categories


If your company is paying for you to attend EuroPython, you should register at the business rate. You'll be helping to keep the conference affordable for all, especially for students and those needing financial aid. Government employees should also register at the business rate.


If you are paying for yourself to attend EuroPython, feel free to come as an individual. Employees of non-profits may register at the personal rate.


This category is for full-time students (see below).


Discounts are available for

  • Speakers: 25%

  • Trainers and keynote speakers: 100%

Discounts will be reimbursed at a later time after the scheduling has been completed.

Early Bird tickets can not be transfered to other persons.

Discount for PyData Berlin

All EuroPython attendees will receive a 15 % discount for PyData Berlin that takes place at the same venue from July 25 to 27. Please register here:


Please use exactly the same name you used during your EuroPython registration and enter the code "EuroPython" to get the discount.

How to buy a student ticket?

If you are a student and want to get a student ticket, please email a copy of your student identity card to helpdesk@europython.eu . After checking your elibigility, you will receive a coupon code that you use for the purchase of a student ticket. The requests will be processed in the order they are received.

Financial assistance programm

EuroPython offers a financial assistance program if you need financial support for getting to the conference, accomodation or paying a conference ticket.

Terms & Conditions

The EuroPython 2014 Terms & Conditions apply (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen ).

Open questions? 

Please refer to our questions & answers section if you have open questions

Ticket prices


Available from/until




Early Bird

from 05/02/2014

150 €
sold out

300 €
sold out

450 €
sold out


until 22/06/2014

200 €
sold out

400 €
sold out

600 €
sold out


from 23/06/2014

250 €
sold out

500 €
sold out

750 €
old out

Day Pass
from 23/06/2014100 €200 €

300 €

All ticket prices include 19% VAT.
On-Desk ticket sale starts on 25/06/2014 12:00 UTC+2, please read this first !!!
Only tickets for persons with vouchers can be purchased!!!


Personal tickets are reserved for individuals, and cannot be used by businesses. Invoices will indicate that the ticket is not tax deductible.

The price of the tickets include

Conference access

The ticket is an all-inclusive tickets and grants you access to all EuroPython talks, trainings, tutorials and the poster sessions. There are no hidden fees.

Lunch & Coffee Breaks

1 buffet lunches and 2 coffee breaks per day are offered during the conference. The catering during the sprints is also covered by the ticket price.

Free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity is available during all conference days; you'll be able to use it with your laptop, mobile phone or other mobile devices.

Social event

All attendees have free entrance to the social event including catering.

Recruiting Session

The special recruiting session is meant for people looking for a new job, where they can get in touch with the sponsors of the conference that are looking for new developers.

T-shirts, Gadgets & Prizes

Every participant will receive the official T-shirt of the conference (we have multiple sizes) and some gadgets offered by our sponsors.