Questions & Answers

What does the ticket price include?

The EuroPython tickets give you access to all talks and trainings, the poster sessions and all sprints. The price includes catering for all day and access to the social event. For details see here .

What is the difference between "Business" and "Personal"?

If you want to visit EuroPython as individual person and if your ticket and expense are not paid by your company then you can buy ticket from the "Personal" category "Business" tickets are for attendees where the company pays the ticket price.

Which ticket category is suitable for freelancers?

Freelancers can buy a "Personal"  or a "Business" ticket (if you can afford it and if you want to support EuroPython financially this way).

Will I be able to submit the reciept from a personal ticket to my country's revenue office for tax reasons?

Unauthorative answer: this should be true for businesses and companies from countries of the European Union but not for individuals. Please check back with your local tax advisor.

Can tickets be transferred to other persons?

See section 4 of our terms Terms & Conditions :

Alternatively, another participant may be named as a substitute, at no extra cost. Where discounts are claimed (e.g. students), the substitute participant must similarly provide the required proper proof of discount eligibility. If proof is not sufficiently provided, the substitute participant must pay the difference between the discounted rate and the full price

I did not receive my student voucher, what can I do?

Please contact the EuroPython helpdesk through mail.

How do I get my ticket?

Currently we do not ship tickets. We plan to send the tickets four weeks before the conference. If you do not receive a ticket in spite of paid invoice, you will receive your ticket at the entrance to the conference.

Speaker discount refund process

Speakers can choose between one of the following three options for getting the speaker discount as refund for a bought ticket:

  1. refunding by credit card (only if you paid your ticket with a creditcard)
  2. cash during the conference (you need to show the credit note that we will send you)
  3. you donate your ticket refund to the Financial Assistance  programme 

Speakers should follow the following workflow in order to receive their speaker discount:

  1. Speakers buy a standard ticket for the full price (if you have not bought one yet)
  2. Speakers inform us by email ( with subject "Refund speaker discount" and include the invoice number and one of the refund options from above (1,2 or 3)
  3. We will proceed the refund request as fast as possible. You will receive a dedicated credit note for refund option 2.

Can I book a hotel together with my EuroPython ticket?

No, but we have some hotel and hostel recommendations with special rates. Please see here .

I want to pay the ticket by wire transfer and I need the address of your bank?

Commerzbank Halle
06005 Halle (Saale)

Will there be day passes?

You can buy day passes directly at the conference at the registration desk. Day passes will not be sold online. Please pay the day pass in cash (the option to pay with credit card is not yet confirmed). We will ensure that you can buy a day pass at any conference but please let us know in advanced when you intend to come by sending a mail to the EuroPython helpdesk ( in order to update our catering service etc.