Angel F.A.Q.

What are the tasks?

Cash Desk

  • Register On-Desk tickets
  • Give attendees their registration badges (some may have forgotten)
  • Run the Cash desk
  • Answer general questions
  • This job involves a lot of talking, you will receive a special Cash-desk training

Info Desk

  • Answer a lot of questions
  • Help with SIM Cards, print outs etc.
  • Struggle with lost things and other stuff
  • This job involves a lot of talking and nerves of steel
  • Good English skills are mandatory

TShirt Desk

  • Hand out the Tote-bags and the TShirts
  • This job involves standing and lifting light items


  • Only visitors with a badge are allowed at the BCC during the conference
  • Watch the Entrance and be kind to strangers
  • This job involves standing and answering some questions

Navigation (Outdoors)

  • Help people with or without badges to find their way into the venue
  • This job involves standing and answering some questions

Set Up/Tear Down

  • Helping hands are needed to set up the stage before the conference starts
  • Also on the last day to clear up the venue afterwards.
  • This job involves walking and carry items


  • Assist with activities or needs as they arise.
  • This job involves nearly everything legal


  • Assist the video-team
  • This job involves attention to the talk, you will receive a special video assist training
  • We would appreciate if you sign up not only for one talk but for a whole session

Partner Program

  • Making sure guests find their way to different venues
  • Knowing Berlin is a must

This is only a short wrap up of the tasks. You will receive detailed information during the volunteer introductions on site and per hand out.

What are the shifts?

  • Shifts are from 1.5 hours up to 2 hours
  • The time table will be handled through our „Engelsystem“.
  • You may sign up for shifts by yourself (fcfs)

What kind of qualifications do I need?

  • At least speaking English and perhaps also German.
  • Let us know what kind of language you speak further
  • Already have video skills? Sign up for video shifts. You may even be able to follow the talks.
  • Have a conferene ticket, but time between two talks? Spend it as a volunteer, help to make this conference the best smoothest one ever.

Why be a volunteer?

  • Get an awesome lemon green EuroPython Staff TShirt
  • Show everyone your support to the Python community (by wearing your special lemon green TShirt)
  • With a minimum of 20 hours spent as a volunteer you will receive a REFUND of 50% on your ticket price

Last but not least: you become an angel 😃

Still got questions?

  • There will be a helpers kick off on Sunday July 20th at 2pm and 5pm. There we introduce you to the team, to the venue BCC and to the different tasks.
  • If you miss the first kick off, there will be another on Monday July 21st 11am
  • Don't worry, if needed there will always be one of the ORGA-team to help the helpers.
  • You HAVE TO attend one kick off (if possible by any means)!

Okay, you are in – what to do next:

  • Register on
  • Pick your self the shifts you prefer (first comes, first serves)
  • Come to the kick off meeting on Sunday July 20th at 2pm or 5pm or Monday July 21st at 11am at the conference venue