Session: Effective data visualisation in 2D with matplotlib

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22. Juli 2014 10:00 - 13:00

The tutorial will introduce the basic theory of data visualisation and put it to use through matplotlib, the popular Python library for creating 2D static and interactive visualisations. To unleash the full power of matplotlib, we will reach under the hood and discover some hidden gems in terms of customisation and working with visual primitives. The participants will be invited to practice their visualisations skills trough a series of examples. They will learn how to build complex data visualisations from ground up and spice them with a bit of interactivity.

In our private and professional lives we generate and process large volumes of data, from which we need to extract meaningful patterns and present them data graphically either on paper or web. The goal of the workshop is to arm you with practice-oriented tips that will help you to avoid visual clutter and increase the data density of your graphs.

For more information and installation instructions see the training's website