Session: PySide - Develop System GUI

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23. Juli 2014 10:00 - 13:00

So, You have decided to learn PySide. Before getting into the technical details let us explore what is PySide?

Well, when it comes to GUI programming, it is always considered to be hectic at least for the early language developers like C, C++. Its because of the 100 lines of code that you end up writing to just create a button object. There comes a rescue for this, the GUI programming is made a little easier with the introduction of tool kits such as Tcl/Tk, Qt, wxwidgets etc. These libraries made our life a lot simpler by providing the wrapper framework in the native language.

One such framework developed for Python by Qt is PySide. It is a cross-platform UI framework, meaning that you can run the same code in almost any operating systems, say, for example, Linux, Unix, Windows, Macintosh etc with no or little changes to the code. The best part of PySide is its licensing. PySide has been published as a response to the lack of suitably licensed Qt bindings for Python. PySide is licensed under the LGPL version 2.1 license, allowing both Free/Open source software and proprietary software development. The python wiki page gives more info about the various other GUI frameworks used by python segregated by their capabilities.

Program Structure

The outline of the course would be as follows:

1. Introduction - 30 Minutes

  • Getting Started with PySide
  • Setting Up PySide
  • Importing PySide Objects
  • First PySide Application

2. Windowed Application Creation - 30 Minutes

  • Creating a Sample Window
  • Application Icon
  • Showing tooltip
  • Closing a Window -Close Button and Quit
  • Centering the Window
  • About and License Box

3. Menus, Toolbar and Layout Management - 30 Minutes

  • Status, Menu and Tool bar creation
  • Layout Policies and Management
  • Absolute Positioning
  • Layout Containers
  • SDI and MDI
  • Creation of a Simple text editor

4. Events and Signals - 30 Minutes

  • Event Management
  • Signals and Slots

5. Miscellaneous - 30 Minutes

  • Dialogs and Widgets
  • Database connectivity

Break and General Interaction - 30 Minutes


The users would have to install/build PySide. It is better if you have already built PySide on your system.

For building PySide please refer to the following:

Alternatively, you can read my book on PySide if you like to know what would be covered in the session.

PySide GUI Application Development

If you have some difficulties in installing please feel free to contact me anytime.

Looking forward to connect with you all, See you at the conference.