Session: How to become an Agile company - case study

23. Juli 2014 15:00 - 15:30

The STX Next story has the classic arc of “zero to hero.” During the last 9 years, STX Next has grown from a small business with a handful of developers, to one of the biggest Python companies in Europe, and a leading proponent of agile and scrum methodologies. We feel that now is the best moment to share our experiences in implementing effective, agile development processes in a company of nearly 100 developers. Maciej Dziergwa will be discussing how he’s grown his business, what challenges there are today in python development, and how he plans to take his company to the next level. Especially we want to spread our ideas of building de-localized teams/frequently changing teams/teams with young members that learn rapidly making synergy effect. Join us during our Business Day on 23th July 2014! Remember that 2+2 can be much more than 4...